Teycolift is a professional lifter suitable for any person with a mobility impairment it can be used in any bathroom with complete autonomy. Designed to accommodate any type of WC it requires no screws or holes for installation. Just put it over the toilet and connect the power supply (8) to a power outlet.


The lifting is achieved with two electric actuators on the sides (1) controlled by a control panel / remote control (4) on the right side (TLR1000) or on the left side (TLL1000). All electrical parts are protected by covers in ABS (3), isolated from infiltrations of liquids and powders, and working at a low voltage (24VDC), do not involve any type of risk to the user. The control panel / remote control is fitted with safety key (7) so as to avoid unintentional thus increasing the passive safety.


Operation is simple and intuitive, push button to adjust the height to allow you easy access to sit and then push the button down to come close to the WC. The reverse is required to ascent to the upright position.


also has footrest (2) to facilitate the operations of personal hygiene. In this case the large space that is created between the WC and the seat (5) allows the operator to maintain hygiene by reducing to a minimum the physical effort required and the discomfort for the wearer. The footrests can be folded when not in use so as not to hinder movement; they have a non-slip rubber coating.


WTL1000: Wheel kit: Teycolift can be equipped with a set of wheels (6) to facilitate movement in the case should serve multiple rooms with a single instrument. The wheels, made of polyurethane non-marking, and are twinned with brakes. BTL1000: Kit pans: The drip tray can be inserted under the seat surface through guides and allows the use of Teycolift even outside the local bathroom. Made of impact resistant polyethylene and acid is useful in case the user is on the inability to reach services. The kit includes two trays one of which can be used for personal hygiene.


Dimension mm. 670X690X580h
Seat max height mm. 750*
Lifting capacity Kg. 180
(*): When installing the wheel kit (optional ) the minimum and maximum height of the seat increases 70mm (560-820)
Electrical Specs:
Feeding tension 100-240VAC/50-60Hz
Operating voltage 24VDC
Max absorption 145 VA
Class of insulation II
Protection Grade IP66